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Paul Barre made his presence known quickly after taking over his great-grandfather’s estate Château la Grave
in 1974. He immediately began to question the status quo of farming methods and viticultural techniques
from that of his neighbors, and in turn became a pioneer of organic viticulture in Bordeaux. In 1982, Paul also
took over the tiny estate Château la Fleur Cailleau. While the 1990s saw most Bordeaux producers attempt to
expand their holdings and increase their yields to the maximum, Paul was quietly reducing his domaine from
fifteen to seven hectares and fully converting his estates to biodynamics. Paul first received organic

certification back in 1993. Demeter certified in 1998, and confirmed in 2008. His son Gabriel and daughter-in-
law Edith have taken over his domaine and continue to honor Paul by farming the land as Paul taught them.

They use a horse to plough the soil, harvest all grapes by hand, prioritize freshness and delicacy over power.