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Voštinić — Klasnić is located on a small hill near Ivanić Grad, in the region of Moslavina, far away from the stress and city hustle of Zagreb, surrounded by vineyards and orchards. The family has been making wine since 1936 when the great grandfather planted the first vines of Škrlet in this area.

The winery bears the surname of the original winemaker Tomislav Vostinic, and his grandfather Klasnic from whom he inherited the vineyard and his love for winemaking. They set the stage for the family to now have an old cellar and a modern winery that is a blend of authentic and modern.

VK Plans to continue planting more vines of the varietal and to be able to share their love for Škrlet with the rest of the world. IT makes sense that interest in Škrlet is greater every day. Škrlet is fresh extremely aromatic and light, and world trends and tastes are shifting precisely towards this style of Škrlet.

They have shattered preconceived notions of Škrlet being a one-dimensional grape, by showing the versatility of this grape through different styles including an orange Škrlet, produced entirely with spontaneous yeasts and extended skin contact as well as an amazing Sparkling Škrlet.