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The Bénard-Pitois family began their Champagne adventure in 1878 and have been improving the cultivation of the soil and the vine ever since. 

Michelle and Laurent Bénard-Pitois, third generation of wine farmers, considered organic farming in the 1990’s and carried out the first tests with ECOCERT (international certification) on one hectare of land in 1995.  In 2009 the conversion took off and has reached 2.5 hectares cultivated according to the AB specifications.

Since 2012, the wine has been organically certified.

Traditional plowing makes the vine root as deep as possible giving access to nutrients.  This exchange between the vine and soil makes the grapes richer and adds a delicious balance to the wine.

A natural and static settling allows the wine to maintain a maximum of natural yeast. 
Not sulphites are added and the wines are matured in oak barrels.