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Jérémy Arnaud is keen to let his audience know that just because he has an education in oenology does not
mean that he produces “oenologists’ wines.” Far from it indeed, the young vigneron instead is committed to
erasing all practices that risk the “origins of the wine or the typicality of a vintage.” Even though he was
raised in a winemaking family (Domaine La Marquise in Chablis), it was not clear at all to Jérémy that he
would follow in the steps of his family. As a young teenager, he struggled to a course of study that compelled
him, and eventually decided to attend the Lycée Viticole in Beaune. That is where the light went on for
Jérémy: he thrived in the classroom—both in his practical and theoretical courses—and developed an
insatiable hunger to learn as much as possible; after graduating in the top of his class, Jérémy worked at
various domaines and cooperatives throughout Burgundy and beyond, thereby allowing himself an invaluable
experimental education of (biodynamic, organic, and conventional) farming and cellar practices. Production at
the domaine began in 2017. Jérémy has increased his holdings from 0.5 hectares to just under 3 hectares
today. He produces only three cuvées: a Petit Chablis (“Sur Priault”) and two Premier Cru cuvées. His Premier
Cru “Vau de Vey” marks the beginning of his adventure as a vigneron. A prized site indeed, this 0.48 hectare
plot sits on the left bank of the Serein. The plot’s marked steepness makes any mechanical presence virtually