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Martín Crusat, a biologist by trade, is living out his father’s dream of having a small winery. His father purchased a summer home in 1985 and promptly planted a hectare of Albariño there. It wasn’t until 2012 that Martín and his wife Patricia had their first harvest, and they just recently finished construction on their bodega, which is centrally located between their three vineyard sites. They named their project “Vimbio” which is Gallego for a type of local willow tree that was often used to tie the vines to their trellises. They take utmost care for the environment; they treat their farm as an entire ecosystem and encourage plant and animal life to thrive amongst their vines, keeping their 2.5 hectares under green cover year-round. Wild blackberry bushes dot the vineyards, and wildflowers proliferate in spring. Algae from the nearby Atlantic is used as a fertilizer, and many biodynamic practices are incorporated. In the cellar they intervene as little as possible, using natural yeasts and aiming to reduce sulfur levels in their wines.