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Marc Delienne might well agree with the adage that it’s never too late to follow your heart. At 56 years old,
Marc Delienne decided that enough was enough: he would leave his career working in the banking and IT
sectors in Paris and finally try live his dream to spend his time in the vineyard. He began working as in the
vines as well as the cellar at Domaine de Trévallon. Two years later he worked under Alain Graillot at Domaine

Organic • Practicing Biodynamic

Certified Organic • Practicing Biodynamic
de Fa, wherein he was involved with all aspects of the the winemaking. Marc finally made the leap the
following year and purchased Château de l’Abbaye Saint Laurent d’Arpayé right in the middle of Fleurie. Marc
currently farms 13ha hectares Fleurie, 0.75ha in Beaujolais-Village, and 0.25ha in Beaujolais. His vines range
from 40 to 80 years of age. Marc began practicing organic and biodynamic practices as soon as he took over
the vines. His domaine was certified organic in 2018. Demeter certification followed in 2020. Marc grapes all
of his grapes by hand, never capitalizes, and eschews the use of all herbicides and pesticides in the vines. SO2
levels are kept to a bare minimum.