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Las Pedreras Viñedos y Vinos is an exciting new project in the Sierra de Gredos, the mountain range and wine region west
of Madrid where old-vine, high-altitude Garnacha vines yield the most perfectly-balanced Grenache-based wines in the
world. The winery is a collaboration between Bárbara Requejo Frutos, a gifted young winemaker originally from Ribera del
Duero, and Guzmán Sánchez de la Parra, a native of the stunning mountain village Villanueva de Avila, where his family
(bakers by trade) has vineyards and Guzman himself is the chef-owner of the most ambitious restaurant in the region, La

Over the last 10-15 years, the quality and range of Garnachas from Gredos has been steadily building. It is currently
skyrocketing. Every year, there are new projects and new personalities popping up, eager to make their mark on
Garnacha and Albillo Real, especially throughout the villages included in the new D.O. Cebreros, which was created to cover
the Gredos winegrowing area located in the province of Avila.

The name “Sierra de Gredos” is used to refer to the winegrowing areas flanking the Sierra de Gredos mountain
range. The eastern edge of the zone is covered by D.O. Madrid, while the Tietar Valley in the south falls under D.O. Mentrida.
The uniting factor is the potential for unusually fine Garnacha.

Las Pedreras Viñedos y Vinos is named for the Pico Las Pedreras mountain in Villanueva de Avila, which is part of the Sierra de
Gredos range proper, where old vines of Grenache grow in rocky and sandy granitic soils of various compositions and colors.

Both Bárbara and Guzmán made wine prior to joining forces: Bárbara worked at Château Haut-Brion in Bordeaux, Pierre Peters
in Champagne, Peay Vineyards on the Sonoma Coast, and Quartz Reef in New Zealand before landing at Soto-Manrique winery
in Gredos, where she worked as technical director and interpreted a wide range of Garnachas from the diverse terroirs of the
village of Cebreros with extreme precision and clarity. Guzmán is a chef by training, having worked at El Almacén in Ávila and
Zalacaín in Madrid before returning home to Villanueva, where he opened his restaurant in addition to making wine from his
family’s vineyards.

In 2020, they collaborated on the first vintage of Las Pedreras, with dazzling results: two red wines, a rose, and a sparkling rose,
all made of Garnacha, and all of which sizzle with the same intensity and clear, futuristic vision that radiate from the couple
themselves. They work 3.2 hectares of vines organically and thoughtfully, parsing a complex range of altitudes, orientations, and
terroirs in Villanueva de Avila, and neighboring villages Navaltalgordo and Burgohondo into a village/regional wine (Los
Arroyuelos Garnacha), a single paraje wine (Las Ánimas Garnacha) and a complex, stony rosé (Arquitón). In addition, they are
planting a hectare of vines on a parcel of land at over 1200 meters altitude in Navarrevisca, overlooking the whole area. Their
particular power as a team is clearly shaped by Guzmán’s strong entrepreneurial vision and Barbara’s talent for blending
(something she credits to her time at Haut-Brion and Pierre Peters). Although small in production, Las Pedreras is impressive in
scope, combining Garnacha vines of the past and future into vivacious, age-worthy, and radical wines.