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Gabriel Scheuermann knew in kindergarten he wanted to be a winemaker and told his teacher as much. He jokes that in class, his older brother Simon was the one who liked the green tractor so he knew he’d be the one in the vines. Just over ten years later, the two brothers would take over the family winery, when Gabriel was 16 and his brother Simon was 19.

That was ten years ago. Gabriel and Simon are now producing some of the most expressive under-cover natural wine around. With the organic cultivation of their vineyards since 2012, amplified by the introduction of biodynamic methods in recent years, their soils teem with life. Grab one handful of healthy, loose soils from their vineyards, and you’ll have more organisms in your hand than there are people on earth.

Preserving the essential elements of the wines is key to the Scheuermann philosophy. It is in the absence of adulteration and manipulation that the natural layers of a wine can unfold and achieve its greatest phenolic potential. 

Their cuvées sing of loess and limestone, light on their feet. They go down so easy you’ll realize the bottle is gone after what feels like a glass.

From the Pfalz and free of pfalz.