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Closeries des Moussis began in 2009 when Pascale Choime and Laurence Alias were offered to take over a
historic 0.4ha plot of pre-phylloxeric vines in Cantenac (a stone’s throw from Margaux) from Michel and
Stéphanie Théron of Clos du Jaugueyron. These two women couldn’t refuse such an opportunity: Pascale is a
trained oenologist and teacher at the Lycée Agro-Viticole de Bordeaux-Blanquefort, and Laurence is a
professional agricultural engineer who specializes in biodiversity and sustainable practices. The two of them
got to work straight away and produced their first vintage that very same year. They have very slowly added
to their holdings, having acquired a hectare in Sénéjac back 2011, as well as a tiny plot in Margaux more
recently, totaling their holdings to two hectares in all. They received organic certification in 2012, and were

Certified Organic

Demeter Certified Biodynamic

later confirmed by Demeter in 2015. All of their vineyard work is done by hand with the assistance of their
horse Jumpa. Pascale and Laurence’s union have produced exquisite wines that achieve an vitality and
freshness quite rare in Bordeaux. Closeries des Moussis is certified organic (AB) as well as certified
biodynamic (Demter).