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Morgan and Julie Truchetet, brother and sister, took over Domaine Truchetet from their father Jean-Pierre in
January of 2019. Together, they represent the fifth generation to lead Domaine Truchetet. After receiving his
BTS diploma in viticulture and oenology from the lycée viticole in Beaune, Morgan worked at Domaine Lescure
in Nuits-Saint-Georges where he deepened his knowledge of organic farming, eventually rising to the position
of vineyard manager, a role he assumed from 2012 to 2018. During this time, his younger sister Julie
perfected her knowledge of terroirs while working for more than ten years at Domaine Truchetet, alongside
Jean-Pierre, so it seems only natural that in 2019 they decided to join forces to take over the Domaine and
begin a conversion to organic viticulture. They continue to explore new practices, such as innovative plant and
seaweed treatments, reduced doses of sulphur and working by gravity in the winery. All the vineyards are
horse ploughed. Their objective is to give energy back to the soil while bottling the fullest expression of each
terroir. It’s an ambitious challenge, but one that Morgan and Julie are more than ready to take on!