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Erborista Aperitivo

Erborista Aperitivo: The production philosophy is the same as wermut: no added alcohol, no food coloring, no burnt sugar or caramel. Only organic wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, carmenere, and Schiava) and infusion of dried officinal herbs and, in this case, fresh fruit from our orchard. The infusions are made separately, one for each plant at different extraction temperatures, and then combined to compose the recipe.
The sugar content is reduced as much as possible and the sweetening is done with some native plants such as elderberry flowers and linden leaves and flowers.

Wild chamomile and cherry and black cherries stand out in the infusion mixture. Slightly bitter notes are given by thyme, marjoram and elderberry roots. Production is only one batch per year when seasonal fruit is available. The best way of enjoy it is pure, cold or as a base for different cocktails